Just a day to myself

Hey guys, yesterday I started my blog about my busy life and here I am today bored out of my mind. Kind of ironic right. So I’m sitting here thinking is my life really that busy, do I make my boys think they are to much of a hassle, do I spend enough time in prayer. Then answer is I probably do make my children feel like a burden at times and no I don’t spend enough time in prayer or make time for my husband.

Prayer should be a big part of my life and I don’t do it nearly enough. So am I teaching my boys to be the best they can? I can only hope I am not failing as a parent. I’m sure we all feel this way once and awhile but, as I sit here by myself and am jut thinking about everything under the sun. Life really does move to fast, and why not embrace it. I really think I need to just slow down and enjoy my boys while they are still at home.

So the whole reason I decided to return to school is because I want them to see me succeed at school and make a good career in hopes that they will do the same. But, again as I am sitting here today just contemplating how blessed of a life I really do have, I’m thinking have I been the best mom or wife that I can be and the answer is no, I can always do better. There is always someone that does it better, but my kids come home to a house with electricity every day, there’s always food to eat and all the bills are paid. I just don’t thank Jesus enough for blessing me so fruitfully.

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Intro to my crazy life

Hey guys, I am Robyn and I live in a small town in Oklahoma. I really have never been a writer but I figured I would try out this blogging thing. So I graduated back in 2002 and I had my first son that year as well, he is now 15 almost 16, we are working on getting a permit currently ahhh… He really is growing up way too fast. I got married to my husband in 2004 and a year later we had another wonderful boy who is now 13 and loves sports. Then in 2008 we had another boy and he is now 10 and loves school.

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So starting out fresh out of high school, I worked at our local Sonic and my parents took me to the casino one day and I had fun “I guess”, I lost my money so not that much fun. While I was at the casino I saw the tip jars full of money and that was it I wanted to work there, I applied and got a job. I worked there for 2 years and then a small loan company for about a year(I did not like this job).  I then got a really good job at a WIC office which I loved working at, there is just something about helping people that warms your heart. Not to mention all the cute babies you get to see on the daily. I worked there for about 8 years and that brings us up to now.

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So I started school in June and took 1 class and that went really well. So now it is the fall semester and I am feeling on top of the world so why not enroll in 4 classes right… This is on top of all my duties at home, laundry, cooking, cleaning ect. Oh yes and our youth group at our church is planning a pilgrimage to Rome.  So then we add on the fundraising, football games and practices, our 15 year old is also a carhop at the sonic so he needs a ride to and from work. So that is just an intro to my busy life.

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